Giga-Curation Challenge 2016

Encouraging community curation through competition

In recent years it has become clear that the amount of data being generated worldwide cannot be curated and annotated by any individual or small group. Currently, there is recognition that one of the best ways to provide ongoing curation is to employ the power of the community. To do this, the first difficulty to overcome was the development of user-friendly tools and apps that non-expert curators would be comfortable and capable of using. Such tools are now in place, including iCLiKVAL and The second problem, which we are now facing, is bringing in and engaging the large number of people needed to perform the curation required to empower these tools. Eventually it is hoped that users will realize their utility and begin to both habitually use and add information to these apps. This will make these tools ever more useful and become a standard part of the process of carrying out research. The Giga-Curation Competition 2016 is designed to encourage the uptake of two of the more mature community-curation tools on offer. The competition will last 3 days during the Biocuration2016 conference April 8th to 11th. As an incentive, a prize of a brand new Apple iPad mini 4 will be awarded to the person who adds the most annotations in that time.

The final result

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The terms and conditions of the event are archived here.

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