RRID zombie paper apocalypse battle challenge

During the SfN 2016 conference (13-16 Nov 2016) we will be hosting the "RRID zombie paper apoc alypse battle" at the NIF booth (#4115). This annotation competition is open to anyone willing to help us battle the zombie paper and apocalypse to make research more reproducible.
Enter the battle by adding as many RRIDs (https ://scicrunch.org/resources) to neuroscience manuscripts as possible using the hypothes.is http://hypothes.is tool. The GigaScience Annotometer (http://www.annotometer.com) will be a live leader board displaying w hich participants are making the most annotations.
Cool GigaScience swag prizes and Brain hats will be awarded by random selection from particip ants. Prizes must be collected from the NIF booth (#4115) before 5pm when the exhibition closes. 
Admin for the challenge:
Anita Bandrowski  abandrowski@ucsd.edu
start and end time of the challenge: November 13 at 9:30am to November 16 at 3pm

The final result

Read all about it in the GigaBlog: The Annotometer Results Are In…

The frozen leaderboard can be viewed here.

The terms and conditions of the event are archived here.

The suggested links for getting started can be found here.here.