Terms and conditions for:

Giga-Curation competition 2017, (BioCuration2017, Stanford, March 26th-29th).
  • The competition is open to anyone1 attending the BioCuration2017 conference in Stanford, USA.

  • The competition will run for the duration of Biocuration2017, the exact times to be announced at the conference.

  • No gaming of the system will be tolerated.

  • The registered user accounts must be individuals (same individual for both tools) i.e. no group accounts permitted.

  • Anyone caught adding nonsense2 annotations for the purpose of boosting their numbers will be disqualified.

  • The judges will manually check a portion of the leader’s annotations to ensure compliance.

  • Only annotations that are public will be counted.

  • The scoring system of the competition will be announced at the meeting.

  • As suppliers of the prizes, GigaScience retain all authority in the competition, and their decision on any dispute will be final.

  • All results will be publicly available, including usernames.

  • By taking part you are agreeing that, if you win a prize your full name maybe used in press releases about the event.

1 excluding staff of iCLiKVAL, Hypothes.is, GigaScience and OUP.
2 For the purposes of this competition, nonsense will be determined as anything that cannot be easily reconciled by the judges as meaningful and relevant annotations.